Frequently Asked Questions:

I'm always happy for people to get in touch and to help with their queries, below are a few common questions people ask and some answers that are a good starting point while browsing the website.

How Much do you cost?

Prices start at £650 and go up to £1595 depending on which package you choose. If you want more detail about pricing I have a 'Digital Brochure' I can email to you. Simply get in touch via the Contact page and I'll send one over.

How do we pay you & when do you need payment?

I understand how difficult finances can be while arranging a wedding so I try and break down the payment into manageable chunks. Initially, I take a small 'Holding Fee' and this retains the date so no one else can take it. A little nearer the Wedding I take a Deposit and a Final Fee a month before the date. This can be explained further upon booking a consultation.

Where do you live and is travel extra?

I currently live in Leeds but started out in my hometown of Middlesbrough. I've shot Weddings all over Yorkshire and the North East as well as The Lake District, Liverpool, Manchester and London. I've also done weddings abroad and I'm open to traveling wherever you need me to be. I travel for free within a 60 mile radius of my home with a small fee on top for anything after that. This again can be discussed further upon booking a consultation.

Are you insured?

YES! It's very important that the business and myself are insured with full indemnity cover. It sends out the right message about the proffesional approach I take towards my work and the piece of mind I want for my clients.

I don't see a package that suits us, can we still use you?

I always want to work in a way that's most convenient for the client, so if you like what you see then I'm happy to work towards tailoring a package to your needs.

We want to see more work without wanting to commit, is this possible?

Yes, this is possible with a consultation. While emailing is great a consultation can give you a better idea of who I am and what I do. It can be an ideal opportunity to meet face-to-face, discuss ideas and look at more work. It also gives you the opportunity to flick through and handle the gorgeous albums on offer. Nothing beats seeing them in the flesh!

Consultations allow you to be better informed before making any decisions. They're free of charge, with no obligation or pressure to book afterwards.

What's the Engagement Shoot? Is it necessary?

This is an opportunity for us to go out and take some pictures together before the 'big day' so you get used to the experience. Some people get very nervous in front of the camera but this enables us to have a 'dry run' to see what does and doesn't work for you.
By doing this exercise we build up a more familiar customer client relationship meaning you'll be more relaxed with myself and the camera when the time comes. People often disregard the engagement shoot before they do it without realising the difference it can make.

The confidence you gain in front of camera is priceless as you become less worried about being photographed on the day, it speeds things up too leaving you with more time to spend with guests!

Can we do what we like with the images? Who owns the copyright?

I retain the copyright to the images but as the client you have 'usage rights'. This means you are free to make prints and copies for personal use but ultimately I still own the images.